‘Classic sailing part ships’

For groups from 15 to 300 persons
Classic sailing part ships

Sailing Partyships

The sailing party ships from Carpe Diem Sailing are specialy equiped for sailing day trips. On board are a spacious lounge, a professional kitchen and a cosy bar. Bedrooms for the passengers and housing for the crew are not to be found on board. All the space on board is available for your day trip.

We rent out our one yacht the Carpe Diem (Seize the Day, Lat.) and in addition the most beautiful classic ships in the branch who are specialy equiped for daytrips. Call or e-mail us for your event from 15 - 300 persons.  Our company name is Carpe Diem Sailing and the URL from our website: www.1dagzeilen.nl. We are in the business since 1983. The guests of us were: family's, groups of friends, small compagny's, Shell, KLM and the King.

Our ships:
We rent vessels with crew: skipper, sailor and cook or control.

  • Carpe Diem 15 - 40 passengers
  • Selene; maximum 55 passengers
  • Toekomst; maximum 60 passengers
  • Schuttevaer; maximum 80 passengers
  • Umoja; maximum 150 passagiers

Departure and arrival port:

  • Monnickendam
  • Volendam
  • Amsterdam

Culinary Sailing
You can have lunch or diner on board. Our cooks prepare the dishes with dayfresh ingredients. Sailing with us is a feast just for the food. Just before your trip the dishes are brought on board. While sailing the bread is backed, the fish grilled and the pork tenderloin baked. Delicious smells fill the salon.

The bar and wine
Our bar is well stocked.  Our hostesses Hennie and Manilla will serve in the salon and on the deck. The house wine is carefully picked  and won't dispoint the enthousiast.


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